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Feature-POS Refund to Foodstamp (EBT)

On January 31, 2011, in Feature POS, by darel

Returns using the foodstamp tender


If the return is to Foodstamp or EBT when using integrated credit card processing through Mercury, then the cashier will:

  • Press Foodstamp button, the Food Stamp Payment screen displays
  • Edit the $ amount listed (if needed)
  • Enter Reference number from the original sales receipt (is applied automatically if returned with an invoice)
  • Press EBT to apply refund, the receipt prints, the cash drawer opens, and the change screen displays
  • Or Press Cancel to exit the payment screen

If the return is to foodstamp when NOT using integrated credit card processing through Mercury, then the cashier will:

  • Press Foodtamp button, the foodstamp screen displays:
    • The food stamp eligible $ amount is listed.  If the $ amount is 0.00, then no items are marked as food stamp eligible.
    • The Paid field is defaulted with the return $ amount.  This can be edited, if needed.
  • Press OK button, the cash drawer opens, the receipt prints, and the change due screen displays.
  • Or press the Cancel button to exit the foodstamp screen.

Cashier Permission

  • Foodstamp Return


  • CashDrawerOpenOnFoodstamp

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